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You Want It Darker

In late 2016, a month prior to his death, Anita penned a letter with a cover to one of her musical heroes, Leonard Cohen. In some serendipitous twist in fate, it was shared by the wordsmith himself and went viral.

Read the letter and watch the video below:

Dear Leonard Cohen

I want to tell you something.

When I was 10, my father passed away very suddenly. 
Shortly after he died, my mother gave me his favourite book. 
It was your ‘Beautiful Losers’. 
Although I didn’t understand what it meant at that young age, after peeling through his records, I found many of yours and devoured them on his dusty player.
I started writing then.

It’s been 20 years since I fell hard for the words you weave and the pictures you paint. 
It’s been 20 years since I wanted to make my life about music, art and poetry.

This year I decided to pursue a project under my name, inspired by my (sometimes confused) Jewish heritage, the spirit of my homeland and all the sex, love and death that falls in between.

Yesterday you released, what I believe to be one of your greatest songs.

You inspire me to know that this life isn’t a race…how much art can change the lives of the people around you…and in this insane reality that we perpetuate, you speak of personal truth.

Happy Birthday my invisible mentor. Thank you for everything.
Here is my homage to ‘You want it Darker’.


video by- Darren James Mulryan